Issue #1 unrelenting mod

THE MOVER is here to reflect this generation’s identification with all things rock and roll.

This generation is shaped by nostalgia for vintage subcultures and sounds, with a lasting rock & roll influence on 2016 style – in areas of both music and fashion.

As a youth molded by nostalgia for forgotten sub-cultures, we are shaped by Britain’s dynamic past. We desire a platform for our integrated identity. We are for the modern rock and roller.


THE MOVER shall instigate a revival for a forgotten youth-culture, in formulating an   eclectic identity for its readers.

THE MOVER takes action to shake things up and initiate a quiet revolution, as a celebration of rock & roll’s lasting influence on the cutting-edge.

THE MOVER appreciates Britain’s iconic past with issue #1: unrelenting mod. Taking a scrapbook of mod history and looking at the cultures lasting impact on today, we bring together a contemporary insight on the resilience of mod culture in new music and fashion.