MUSIC MOVER #1: Stone Foundation

Stone Foundation look to the future, with the vehement passion of modern soul. Inspired by black American soul music from The Impressions through to seventies Stax recordings, Donny Hathaway and The Isley Brothers, Stone Foundation draw from years of renowned funk and soul. Alluring with contemporary jazz and funk, the eight piece collective bring the magnetism of an iconic past up to date.


Stone Foundation are said to have been born out of ‘necessity’. Why was/is the creative project such a necessity to its members?


The necessity to create, simply playing music isn’t enough really, the whole creative process of writing and recording our own ideas is essential. It’s almost a way of life to us.


It must have taken a long time to congregate the full Stone Foundation line-up. What lead the band to the fantastic array of musicians it beholds today?


A lot of patience to be honest and I also think that with a band of our size then it’s inevitable that a few personnel changes will happen along the way but it’s always been important that we presented our music as we heard it in our heads and didn’t compromise that vision hence why we needed a sizable group including a horn section.



Your debut record ‘To Find The Spirit’ saw your great break-through success without backing from a label. How much do you think a DIY spirit still prevails in 2016?


That DIY spirit has been our only option, the record industry no longer really supports new music at grass roots level. I think with the rise of social media then it’s fairly straightforward for a band to reach out to a core audience, that is very liberating for a band like Stone Foundation. I do think that is why we are respected though for creating our own endeavors outside of the mainstream industry. In many ways I suppose we epitomize that DIY spirit in 2016, we work without a label, management, agent…..and we’ve just had a top three single in the UK vinyl chart !


Producing such a contagious soul, jazz and funk sound Stone Foundation attract a great mod following. How much do the band feel mod culture still stands in 2016?

Of course it’s still prevalent there’s no doubt about that but personally I’d like to see it as a forward motion than a nostalgic viewpoint. Modernism to me is about taking the best elements of the past and creating something fresh, kind of as the word suggests.


Stone Foundation’s second album ‘A Life Unlimited’ containing the single ‘Pushing Your Love’ is out now

This summer sees Stone Foundation set to play a series of live dates, keep up to date with the band on Facebook here.


For THE MOVER’s complete content on Stone Foundation, purchase issue #1 unrelenting mod here.


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