For The Sixties Inspired Classic Mod

Brighton’s North Laine is home to one of mod clothing’s most classic apparel shops. Running for the past twenty years and located at 36 Gardener Street, Jump The Gun offers the greatest dapper attire for the sixties inspired mod.


Jump The Gun claim “we don’t do fashion; we are simply guided by what looks and feel right and for us that’s early to mid sixties.”




With the shop starting up in the nineties, after the eighties mod-revival, Jump The Gun is an example of mod’s aesthetic and lifestyle enduring into the contemporary day. Adam Le Roy of Jump The Gun explains how mod fashion still has a market place in 2016 as “normal people can wear it”. “Because, you know, its not like green hair and leather jackets, you can go to work wearing a good suit…” he says. “You can have a normal job, go to work wearing a suit and tie but still have your style. So it’s kind of an acceptable youth culture in a way.”


Jump The Gun stick to the accessible style of the sixties with their range, careful to conserve a true mod ideology with their clothing. The Brighton store likes to keep it classic, looking to the early mod scene of the late fifties to the early sixties. “Therefore we are a bit more jazzy, influenced by that kind of modern jazz scene from the late fifties and the early sixties,” says Le Roy. “So we’re a little bit more blokey rather than dandy, you know?”




So why should a mod dresser choose to take their business to Jump The Gun? Because the store prioritises honest fashion over the banality of mainstream style.


To read our entire interview with Adam Le Roy of Jump The Gun in full, get your hands on your copy of issue #1 unrelenting mod here.

Photos taken by THE MOVER at Jump The Gun.


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